Meine GoPro MAX Erfahrungen

4 Wochen mit der GoPro MAX. In diesem Podcast spreche ich über meine Erfahrungen mit dieser neuen 360 Grad Action Kamera.

Podcast Inhalt:

  • GoPro MAX Eindrücke
  • Hyperlapse Erfahrungen
  • 360 Grad Video
  • 360 Grad Photos
  • Power Panorama
  • Nachbearbeitungs Probleme für PC User
  • Editing Probleme für Android User
  • Mein Workflow mit der Creative Suite
  • Aufruf an GoPro die PC Software zu verbessern!

An inspiring video about simple film music creation by Guy Michelmore

Everything in life is getting more and more complicated.

That´s why Guy Michelmore from Think Space Education shows how to compose a simple film music idea from scratch.

A very motivating lesson how to create and compose your own film music.

You can tell that Mr. Michelmore is a real expert in terms of music composition.

But you can also see, that, when you know the rules of creativity and music, you can bring a whole music world and story to life.

You can do it too!

A very high quality video about this topic!

The next cool action cam. The Insta360 ONE R

Nowadays there are a lot of great Action camera systems to choose from.

Insta360 just introduced the new ONE R.

An action cam that is modular. You have several parts that can be connected together the way you need it.

A really intersting camera.

And yes, it appears to be a very strong competitor to the GoPro MAX.

You can see already in the product video that there are many great features to play with in the insta360 ONE R.

Some key features of the insta 360 One R

One more cool tool for your creative film and video making workflow.

Definitely check it out.

You can find more infos about the ONE R here

GoPro MAX Timewarp in Hero Mode. Incredible stabilization!

In this video I am using the Timewarp function of the GoPro MAX for the first time!

I walk with you around the downtown of Munich in Germany.

The stabilization of the footage as well as as the good contrast and blue sky really impressed me.

I am very happy with the purchase of my GoPro MAX!

The camera is really worth its money!

Important Infos for Titles in your 360 Video on Youtube

Youtube gives you a 1280×720 pixel window out of your 360 Video.

When you are working with titles in Adobe Premiere you have to know, where to put the titles and words or lower thirds, to be visible.

Just create a 1280×720 color matte and place it on top of your video timeline.

Lower the opacity to 50% or as desired.

The Mask/Matte/Window will be in the middle of the image.

This will be the visible part of your 360 Video on Youtube.

You can place your titles and lower thirds in this frame and it will be visible.

Titles in 360 Videos look great! You just have to know where to put them!

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Wind reduction in GoPro MAX works well, but do not expect wonders

I used my GoPro Max for this Tutorial. As you can hear, the wind reduction works well. But you can hear as well, that you shouldn´t expect wonders.

When there is wind it will be hearable.

I am not complaining! I am very happy with the camera.

I am just pointing out some examples.

The Video is an Photo Tutorial about night Photography in 360.

Reframing GoPro Max Footage in Premiere without any Plugin.

Hi GoPro MAX Users.

I am still working with Premiere CS 5.5, so the GoPro Plugins do not work for me.

But I have a pretty neat work around.

I export the video clips with the GoPro MAX Exporter.

Then I drop them on my Full HD Timeline.

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Achtung GoPro Max User. This is what you have to know before you buy this camera

Just a quick info (and warning) for everybody who is considering to buy the new GoPro Max!

Keyframing and editing will only work on a newer Iphone oder Ipad.

On Android you have to have one of the Powerfull Phone Models.

Not all Android Phone Brands are working with 360 Footage.

The Keyframing Tool GoPro Player will only work on Mac. The GoPro Player for Winfows is not published yet.

The Keyframing Plugin will only work on Premiere or After Effects in CC (Creative Cloud). Not on CS (Creative Suite).

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