Achtung GoPro Max User. This is what you have to know before you buy this camera

GoPro MAX has some issues with Windows user

Just a quick info (and warning) for everybody who is considering to buy the new GoPro Max!

Keyframing and editing will only work on a newer Iphone oder Ipad.

On Android you have to have one of the Powerfull Phone Models.

Not all Android Phone Brands are working with 360 Footage.

The Keyframing Tool GoPro Player will only work on Mac. The GoPro Player for Winfows is not published yet.

The Keyframing Plugin will only work on Premiere or After Effects in CC (Creative Cloud). Not on CS (Creative Suite).

All the cool Editing stuff is not working for everyone!

It will work for Apple User (Iphone, Ipad and Mac)

It will work for Adobe CC Subscribers in Premiere and After Effects.

It will work for Android Smartphone User of a higher Price Range (e.g. Samsung S10)

Everyone else will have to wait to be added to the 360 Editing List.

Windows User can Use the GoPro Max Exporter to convert the Footage into a watchable video.

You can watch the Videos with the GoPro VR Player.

I am sure a GoPro Player for Windows will come out after Christmas.

If you are a Windows and slow Smartphone User, you have some options.

  • buy an IPhone
  • buy an Ipad
  • buy a Mac
  • buy a highend Android Smartphone
  • or wait

What can I do as a Windows User with the GoPro Max Footage?

I can edit and export it on my PC.

But I can not choose the cool Keyframe angles.

When I shoot 360 Vlogging, I can choose the facing camera with the display facing me or the camera of my point of view.

The Audience can choose their own angle anyways so it is not a huge drawback.

Personally I will simply wait for the GoPro Player for Windows to come out in the new year.

I can use the GoPro Max in Hero Mode

Let´s not forget the GoPro Max is not just an awesome 360 Camera.

It is also just an GoPro with great stabilisation.

Personally to me this is one of the key features.

But I am very looking forward to use the cool Keyframing effects on my Computer or my smartphone.

I am sure also other brands will be added at some time.

Here you can find the GoPro Apps for your MAX Camera

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