Reframing GoPro Max Footage in Premiere without any Plugin.

Hi GoPro MAX Users.

I am still working with Premiere CS 5.5, so the GoPro Plugins do not work for me.

But I have a pretty neat work around.

I export the video clips with the GoPro MAX Exporter.

Then I drop them on my Full HD Timeline.

The trick is the OFFSET effect!

Just use the offset effect and keyframe your 360 Footage as you need it.

Done. Perfect.

Quick, easy and it worked perfect for me!

Also you can pan around in your 360 Project.

The GoPro MAX has a front camera (the side without display) and a back camera (Display).

When you are vlogging, the exported video shows the front camera by default. So you are not in the picture!

Also just use the offset effect to pan your stiched footage, so you are in front.

Little Planet Effect in After Effects

I tried the lens effect and polar coordinates in After Effects to achieve a kind of little planet effect.

For my personal needs the offset effect is the most important tool to work with my GoPro MAX Video Footage.

Either in 360 or in 1080p projects.

Hope this helps all of you Windows GoPro MAX Users, who have an slow smartphone and do not use Premiere CC.


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