2 thoughts on “Very cool! Markus Pix compares worlds cheapest and amazing camcorders!”

  1. I am now researching on GoPro cameras for me to buy.
    I believe in videography so I am going for action cameras with most options.
    I cant decide which one to buy.
    My budget is USD 300/-
    If I get a good branded video in that price, I would not mind.
    Please advise.

    1. Hi Subrata,
      if your budget is 300 Dollar and you like GoPro Action Cameras, then a GoPro Hero8 would be the perfect match for you!
      I personally use the GoPro MAX. I absolutely love it!
      When you do not need the 360 function, then the GoPro Hero8 is all you need!
      I researched the Price it is 329,99 including a micro SD card.
      I relink it for you.
      It is the official GoPro Store
      hope that helps!

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