I learned this trick from Philip Bloom. Mini SlowMo 30p to 24p.

This video was shot in 30p. I interpreted it in Premiere as 24p.

The result is a mini slowmotion with a very cool look (not as cool as Philips videos of course!)

I got this idea from Philip Bloom from his video “13 stops down the canals of Venice”.

This was almost all shot 30p and conformed to 25p to get a little bit of slow motion and to make the handheld more acceptable.

Philip Bloom about 13 stops down the canals of Venice

Philip Bloom conforms 30p into 24p to get a Mini Slow Motion.

Philip Bloom is the godfather of shallow depth of field internet video.

Philip covered a lot of ground for us years before many of us entered this field of visual art.

I would like to encourage you to give credit to Philip Bloom, when he inspired your work.

At least give Philip a sub on Youtube!

Philip Bloom is a filmmaker, DP, Director from England UK.

Philip Bloom on Youtube

Philip Bloom´s Homepage

Title Photo © Sarah Seal

Sarah Seals Work on Instagram

Watch with VR Headset: 3D VR Video. Recorded with a 3D smartphone camera clip.

This video is in 3D! Watch it with a VR headset

Very nice! 3D for under 10 Euros

Works very well for that price!

I couldn´t believe my eyes! It really looks 3 dimensional, when you watch that footage in a vr headset.

I have to get a lens like this for my DSLR.

I found this 3d smartphone lens on ebay.

For example here