Canon EOS 1D X Mark III can shoot RAW Video!

Canon´s flagship DSLR can shoot RAW Video

The 1DX 3 is at a price point of 7299,- Euros at the moment.

I believe for a flagship DSLR + professional video camera in one body this is a reasonable price.

It is about 6100 Euros without tax.

A Pro photographer/videographer can amortize the body in about 3-5 projects.

I have got my cameras now for over 10 years.

These cameras are build to stay, especially the top of the line ones.

4:3 is a cool aspect ratio

1440p video shot with the GoPro MAX in 4:3 aspect ratio

In times of mobile first, 4:3 aspect ratio is getting more and more important again.

4:3 video looks equally good on smartphones in landscape or portrait orientation.

4:3 used to be the the old TV format, when TVs still were tubes.

From a modern perspective, 4:3 looks really cool and retro.

It gives just a little bit more landscape space, compared to a square aspect ratio.

It focues to the center part of the image.

One of my next videos should be in 4:3!

Manfrotto 327RC2 Joystick Kugelkopf Problem

Schaut das an, bevor Ihr den Manfrotto Joystick Kugelkopf kauft.

Ich hatte den Stativkopf bisher nur zweimal im Einsatz und schon funktioniert das Teil nicht mehr 100%ig.

Ich hatte das Gerät bei Foto Erhardt günstig gekauft. Dort erlischt jedoch nach 14 Tagen bereits die Widerrufsfrist.

Jetzt befinde ich mich gerade in Verhandlungen mit Manfrotto und überlebe, was ich mit dem prinzipiell guten Actiongriff mache.

Foto Erhardt nimmt das Teil nicht mehr zurück (hätte ich doch nur bei Amazon bestellt).

Auch Manfrotto will mir das Ding nur umtauschen.

Ehrlich gesagt, würde ich am liebsten das Ding mit Verlust verkaufen.

Ich kann den Action Joystick Kugelkopf von Manfrotto nicht empfehlen.

Ein technisches Design, das nicht 100%ig funktioniert.

Nichts gegen Manfrotto, aber das Ding ist nicht gescheites, sorry.

Kevin James from King of Queens is an outstanding actor !

Kevin James shows how brilliant a short film sequence can be

Hollywood please send a leading role to Kevin!

In this short sequence we can see, how much bittersweet humor can be transported in under 2 Minutes.

Kevin shows his super amazing acting skills!

The filmic piece gives the audience a kind of “lost in translation” feel.

Great little film, fun to watch.

Further details about Canons new 8K DSLM the EOS R5

Press release about the Canon R5

Canon reveals further EOS R5 details – shutting down speculation that some specs are ‘a fantasy’

13th March 2020

Canon EOS R5
Shown with RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens

Sydney, AUSTRALIA, 13th March 2020: Canon INC has today released further development specifications for its recently announced Canon EOS R5, the next-generation full-frame interchangeable lens camera in the company’s EOS R System. These additional details come exactly one month since Canon released the development announcement of the EOS R5 and shut down speculation that some of its revolutionary specifications are ‘a fantasy’.

Signalling a new phase of Canon 5-Series imaging and a revolution in the mirrorless full camera category, Canon’s EOS R5 will offer every photographer – not just professionals – access to high-quality imaging, cutting-edge 8K movie recording, new approaches to in-body image stabilisation, and revolutionary subject detection and tracking performance features.

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