GoPro MAX 360 video will not render on Honor 9x Smartphone

I ordered the Honor 9x Smartphone with 4 GB of RAM.

I wanted to use it to edit and reframe my GoPro MAX 360 videos.

I could open the video in the GoPro App, adjust the video, set keyframes and play it back.

But when it came to render the video file out I always got a failure notice.

There would be a problem and I should try it again.

I could not figure it out.

All I know is, that the Honor 9X is not on the GoPro MAX rendering list.

Event though it has 4GB of RAM.

I only ordered the phone for this job (nice display size by the way).

But I had to return it, because it could not render the 360 Video out.

Funny: I never tried to edit regular GoPro footage on my phone. This works very well and there are a couple of editing presets in the GoPro App!

Actually I was always focused on 360 and reframing.

The Honor 9x only costed 159 Euro.

Not a bad price for a Smartphone, that was introduced with 299 last autumn.

360 Videoclip from political townhall event

A short 360 videoclip shot with the GoPro MAX

I shot this short video clip with my GoPro Max .

It is a great way to give a quick overview over a situation.

It has an excellent user experience, since you can scroll and pan around in the video.

It is just a extraordinary way to spice up your blogpost and make it more interesting.

Abe Kislevitz shares his latest GoPro MAX knowledge

GoPro Creative Director Abe Kislevitz shows the invisible pole trick with GoPro MAX

The GoPro MAX is an incredible creative tool!

It is great to get some creative inspiration from someone who is involved in the design of this camera.

A great video for every GoPro MAX and 360 camera user.

GoPro MAX @GoPro

Meine GoPro MAX Erfahrungen

4 Wochen mit der GoPro MAX. In diesem Podcast spreche ich über meine Erfahrungen mit dieser neuen 360 Grad Action Kamera.

Podcast Inhalt:

  • GoPro MAX Eindrücke
  • Hyperlapse Erfahrungen
  • 360 Grad Video
  • 360 Grad Photos
  • Power Panorama
  • Nachbearbeitungs Probleme für PC User
  • Editing Probleme für Android User
  • Mein Workflow mit der Creative Suite
  • Aufruf an GoPro die PC Software zu verbessern!

Important Infos for Titles in your 360 Video on Youtube

Youtube gives you a 1280×720 pixel window out of your 360 Video.

When you are working with titles in Adobe Premiere you have to know, where to put the titles and words or lower thirds, to be visible.

Just create a 1280×720 color matte and place it on top of your video timeline.

Lower the opacity to 50% or as desired.

The Mask/Matte/Window will be in the middle of the image.

This will be the visible part of your 360 Video on Youtube.

You can place your titles and lower thirds in this frame and it will be visible.

Titles in 360 Videos look great! You just have to know where to put them!

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Wind reduction in GoPro MAX works well, but do not expect wonders

I used my GoPro Max for this Tutorial. As you can hear, the wind reduction works well. But you can hear as well, that you shouldn´t expect wonders.

When there is wind it will be hearable.

I am not complaining! I am very happy with the camera.

I am just pointing out some examples.

The Video is an Photo Tutorial about night Photography in 360.