Mini Stabilizer von ebay

Ich habe mir von ebay einen Mini Stabilizer bestellt.

Für 11 Euro war das Ding wirklich preiswert.

Eines vorneweg: Der Mini Stabilizer tut was er soll.

Er ist handlich und sorgt für eine durchschnittliche Stabiliserung.

Von der Haptik her fühlt er sich etwas plastikmäßig an.

Es braucht etwas Übung, wackelfreie Aufnahmen mit dem Mini Stabilizer hinzubekommen.

Fotos von dem Mini Stabilizer mit meiner GoPro Hero4

GoPro ebay stabilizer bicycle test

Great camera stabilization just with the balance of weights

In this video I am testing the balance of my GoPro Hero 4 without IBIS in combination of my ebay camera stabilizer/ cheap steadicam.

The special point in this test is:

  • The GoPro Hero4 has no IBIS like new Cameras
  • The stabilizer works without battery or current power, just with balance
  • This is an advantage over modern Gimabl stabilizer
  • I was really surprised, when I biked over a cobblestone street!

You can order the stabilizer and camera here

Stabilizer @ ebay

Stabilizer @ Amazon

GoPro HERO4 Black @ Amazon

GoPro Cameras @ ebay

Manfrotto 327RC2 Joystick Kugelkopf Problem

Schaut das an, bevor Ihr den Manfrotto Joystick Kugelkopf kauft.

Ich hatte den Stativkopf bisher nur zweimal im Einsatz und schon funktioniert das Teil nicht mehr 100%ig.

Ich hatte das Gerät bei Foto Erhardt günstig gekauft. Dort erlischt jedoch nach 14 Tagen bereits die Widerrufsfrist.

Jetzt befinde ich mich gerade in Verhandlungen mit Manfrotto und überlebe, was ich mit dem prinzipiell guten Actiongriff mache.

Foto Erhardt nimmt das Teil nicht mehr zurück (hätte ich doch nur bei Amazon bestellt).

Auch Manfrotto will mir das Ding nur umtauschen.

Ehrlich gesagt, würde ich am liebsten das Ding mit Verlust verkaufen.

Ich kann den Action Joystick Kugelkopf von Manfrotto nicht empfehlen.

Ein technisches Design, das nicht 100%ig funktioniert.

Nichts gegen Manfrotto, aber das Ding ist nicht gescheites, sorry.

Higher video resolution – Does 8K really matter?

I recently watched the documentary Apollo 11 on my HD TV.

That was the moment, when I realized, that higher definition really makes a difference.

The documentary about the first moon landing was filmed on 70mm material.

There is a remarkable optical difference between 70mm and regular 35mm film material.

It really looks more detailed and more life like.

More infos about 70mm film on wikipedia

Apollo 11 was shoot on 70mm film

This translates directly to new camera developements, like the Canon R5 with 8K video resolution.

Canon announced the EOS R5 with 8K video

In the first moment this sounded crazy and exagerated to me.

Who needs 8K anyways?

But when you compare the definition of 35mm to 70mm film this makes sense.

I believe there has to be also a new codec, to bring the moving images to the recording card, without overheating the camera.

But like in the case of Apollo 11 a higher resolution will be for archival purposes very useful.

Not very many people use 4K nowadays.

It will take a couple of years until 8K screens will be wide spread.

The Canon R5 with 8K video is still in developement.

You can read about the camera here:

Canon R5 at Canon USA

Video Diary: timelapse video with Canon 80D on Manfrotto carbon tripod and ballhead with joystick grip.

Everyday has the potential to be a great creative day.

Just take your camera equipment and use it to express your creativity!

I shoot a timelapse of a shopping center in the north of Munich (MIRA).

It is very colorful, so it is a very nice contrast in front of the gray February sky.

Everyday is valuable in terms of taking videos and pictures.

Often the value of a video reveales itself after many months or years.

Also, everytime you use your video and photo equipment your get better and faster using it.

Be creative.

Be curious.

Add value to your video and photo portfolio!

Go out and shoot! Be creative!

Equipment I used today

Manfrotto Joystick

Manfrotto Carbon tripod

Canon 80D + 24-105mm f4

Action Camera Expert Ben Schmanke compares the Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch Sensor to the GoPro HERO 8

With every camera which is introduced, the camera market gets more and more complex.

Good that there are experts who do the heavy comparison lifting for us!

In this case Ben Schmanke from Authentec compares the Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch Sensor to the GoPro Hero 8

Ben Schmanke is well known in the internet community for his in depth camera and technic reviews and his reliable comparisons.

The next cool action cam. The Insta360 ONE R

Nowadays there are a lot of great Action camera systems to choose from.

Insta360 just introduced the new ONE R.

An action cam that is modular. You have several parts that can be connected together the way you need it.

A really intersting camera.

And yes, it appears to be a very strong competitor to the GoPro MAX.

You can see already in the product video that there are many great features to play with in the insta360 ONE R.

Some key features of the insta 360 One R

One more cool tool for your creative film and video making workflow.

Definitely check it out.

You can find more infos about the ONE R here