Video Diary: timelapse video with Canon 80D on Manfrotto carbon tripod and ballhead with joystick grip.

Everyday has the potential to be a great creative day.

Just take your camera equipment and use it to express your creativity!

I shoot a timelapse of a shopping center in the north of Munich (MIRA).

It is very colorful, so it is a very nice contrast in front of the gray February sky.

Everyday is valuable in terms of taking videos and pictures.

Often the value of a video reveales itself after many months or years.

Also, everytime you use your video and photo equipment your get better and faster using it.

Be creative.

Be curious.

Add value to your video and photo portfolio!

Go out and shoot! Be creative!

Equipment I used today

Manfrotto Joystick

Manfrotto Carbon tripod

Canon 80D + 24-105mm f4