GoPro MAX 360 video will not render on Honor 9x Smartphone

I ordered the Honor 9x Smartphone with 4 GB of RAM.

I wanted to use it to edit and reframe my GoPro MAX 360 videos.

I could open the video in the GoPro App, adjust the video, set keyframes and play it back.

But when it came to render the video file out I always got a failure notice.

There would be a problem and I should try it again.

I could not figure it out.

All I know is, that the Honor 9X is not on the GoPro MAX rendering list.

Event though it has 4GB of RAM.

I only ordered the phone for this job (nice display size by the way).

But I had to return it, because it could not render the 360 Video out.

Funny: I never tried to edit regular GoPro footage on my phone. This works very well and there are a couple of editing presets in the GoPro App!

Actually I was always focused on 360 and reframing.

The Honor 9x only costed 159 Euro.

Not a bad price for a Smartphone, that was introduced with 299 last autumn.

GoPro MAX Hypersmooth vs GoPro Hero4 with Stabilizer

There are 4 years between these two action cameras. Let┬┤s see how they compare!

In this video I compare side by side my GoPro MAX vs GoPro Hero4.

The Max has Hypersmooth and the Hero4 is on my new camera stabilizer.

Also super interesting is the side by side comparison of GoPro Colors and how they changed over the years

GoPro Max @ Amazon

GoPro Action Cameras

Camera Stabilizer @ Amazon

4:3 is a cool aspect ratio

1440p video shot with the GoPro MAX in 4:3 aspect ratio

In times of mobile first, 4:3 aspect ratio is getting more and more important again.

4:3 video looks equally good on smartphones in landscape or portrait orientation.

4:3 used to be the the old TV format, when TVs still were tubes.

From a modern perspective, 4:3 looks really cool and retro.

It gives just a little bit more landscape space, compared to a square aspect ratio.

It focues to the center part of the image.

One of my next videos should be in 4:3!

Abe Kislevitz shares his latest GoPro MAX knowledge

GoPro Creative Director Abe Kislevitz shows the invisible pole trick with GoPro MAX

The GoPro MAX is an incredible creative tool!

It is great to get some creative inspiration from someone who is involved in the design of this camera.

A great video for every GoPro MAX and 360 camera user.

GoPro MAX @GoPro

GoPro MAX Camera Update v 1.40

The GoPro MAX is getting a firmware update.

Windows users are also looking forward to a GoPro Player update for Windows, so we can edit our footage on the computer. ­čÖé


  • Adds exposure control with lens priority to 360 mode.
  • Enables Smart Remote compatibility.
  • Adds wind and water noise detection, plus volume level detection for improved audio in video stories created with the GoPro app.


  • Increases the bit rate for Video, TimeWarp, and Time Lapse Video footage captured in HERO mode.


  • General bug fixes and user interface improvements.

How to update

Update your camera using the GoPro app 

The GoPro app is the quickest, easiest way to update your cameraÔÇôall you need is a smartphone or tablet and access to Wi-Fi. You can also use the app to control your camera remotely, view your photos and videos and share on the fly.


My experiences with the GoPro MAX Action Camera

My opinion and experiences with the GoPro MAX Action camera after one month using it.

The Pro Video Infos Podcast is coming to you now in English to reach more listeners all around the world!


I hope the info was helpful!

Stay tuned and talk to you soon!

All the best!

Helmut from Pro Video

Meine GoPro MAX Erfahrungen

4 Wochen mit der GoPro MAX. In diesem Podcast spreche ich ├╝ber meine Erfahrungen mit dieser neuen 360 Grad Action Kamera.

Podcast Inhalt:

  • GoPro MAX Eindr├╝cke
  • Hyperlapse Erfahrungen
  • 360 Grad Video
  • 360 Grad Photos
  • Power Panorama
  • Nachbearbeitungs Probleme f├╝r PC User
  • Editing Probleme f├╝r Android User
  • Mein Workflow mit der Creative Suite
  • Aufruf an GoPro die PC Software zu verbessern!

GoPro MAX Timewarp in Hero Mode. Incredible stabilization!

In this video I am using the Timewarp function of the GoPro MAX for the first time!

I walk with you around the downtown of Munich in Germany.

The stabilization of the footage as well as as the good contrast and blue sky really impressed me.

I am very happy with the purchase of my GoPro MAX!

The camera is really worth its money!