GoPro MAX 360 video will not render on Honor 9x Smartphone

I ordered the Honor 9x Smartphone with 4 GB of RAM.

I wanted to use it to edit and reframe my GoPro MAX 360 videos.

I could open the video in the GoPro App, adjust the video, set keyframes and play it back.

But when it came to render the video file out I always got a failure notice.

There would be a problem and I should try it again.

I could not figure it out.

All I know is, that the Honor 9X is not on the GoPro MAX rendering list.

Event though it has 4GB of RAM.

I only ordered the phone for this job (nice display size by the way).

But I had to return it, because it could not render the 360 Video out.

Funny: I never tried to edit regular GoPro footage on my phone. This works very well and there are a couple of editing presets in the GoPro App!

Actually I was always focused on 360 and reframing.

The Honor 9x only costed 159 Euro.

Not a bad price for a Smartphone, that was introduced with 299 last autumn.