I learned this trick from Philip Bloom. Mini SlowMo 30p to 24p.

This video was shot in 30p. I interpreted it in Premiere as 24p.

The result is a mini slowmotion with a very cool look (not as cool as Philips videos of course!)

I got this idea from Philip Bloom from his video “13 stops down the canals of Venice”.

This was almost all shot 30p and conformed to 25p to get a little bit of slow motion and to make the handheld more acceptable.

Philip Bloom about 13 stops down the canals of Venice

Philip Bloom conforms 30p into 24p to get a Mini Slow Motion.

Philip Bloom is the godfather of shallow depth of field internet video.

Philip covered a lot of ground for us years before many of us entered this field of visual art.

I would like to encourage you to give credit to Philip Bloom, when he inspired your work.

At least give Philip a sub on Youtube!

Philip Bloom is a filmmaker, DP, Director from England UK.

Philip Bloom on Youtube

Philip Bloom´s Homepage

Title Photo © Sarah Seal

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Philip Bloom´s Cinematic Masterclass Onlinekurs

Wer schon immer mal Dokumentationen machen wollte wie Philip Bloom, der kann die Kunst seiner Filmsprache jetzt erlernen.

Philip hat einen über 9 Stündigen Onlinekurs herausgebracht.

Philip Bloom ist vielen von uns immer einen Schritt voraus.

Ich finde das was er macht immer sehr inspirierend, und ich konnte in den ganzen letzten Jahren viel von ihm lernen.
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